University Safety-Net Fund Request Form

The goal of the University Safety-Net Fund is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with access to financial support to respond to essential needs not covered by financial aid or other University resources and to support students' ability to continue their educational pursuits. Funds are distributed based on the urgency of need, level of hardship, and a student's overall financial situation.  Depending on the situation, students may be referred to additional resources, including financial aid, to explore loan options.We are limited in funding and can only provide financing up to $500 for a request that is approved. 

Important Notice:

The University Safety-Net Fund will no longer cover internet access requests and new technology (e.g., computer equipment, etc.) requests from students. Student requests for internet access will now be handled by the Undergraduate Financial Aid (FA) Office, and the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) will process any new technology requests. Please contact their offices for additional follow up. 

Payment Process:

If your application is approved, payment will be processed to reimburse you for some or all the funding you've requested.  If you are set up for a direct deposit, you will receive a payment within 1-2 business days. If you are not set up for a direct deposit, a check will be sent to you within 5-10 business days. For any questions regarding the payment process or tax withholding, please contact the finance center directly at (609) 258-3080 or email

Please feel free to contact, Victoria Byrd at  should you have any questions or concerns regarding your request.

Nine digit ID# on TigerCard (e.g. 9XXXXXXXX)
Please identify the amount of funding needed.
Please articulate the circumstances to why you are requesting financial assistance.
Describe how the requested funds will be used (please itemize the expenses).
Please find the list of fund descriptions at