University Safety-Net Fund Request Form

The goal of the Safety Net Fund is to provide undergraduate and graduate students access to financial support to help with student hardships caused by a lack of funds to mitigate urgent needs.  These funds are designed to cover expenses not covered by financial aid or other University resources, unexpected medical costs not covered by a health plan or existing health emergency funds and unforeseen, exigent needs that arise from cash flow issues during out-of-session times. Our typical funding does not exceed $500 per request, but we will consider funding requests that exceed this amount if necessary.

Typically, the Safety Net fund can support expenses related to medical, transportation, food, some technology and housing costs. We recognize that family circumstances can have an impact on student needs, however, due to institutional limitations, the Safety Net Fund can solely support the needs of an enrolled student.

The Safety Net Fund is available to assist students through unforeseen or unusual financial hardship. Students may submit multiple requests; however, students submitting multiple times should plan to meet to discuss the support needed to meet their long-term financial needs.  Additionally, students may be referred to alternate or additional funding resources when appropriate.

Applications are required to be considered for Safety Net funding, and the review can take 7-10 days.  Application decisions will be sent to students by e-mail. If your request is approved, payment will be processed through Princeton’s Financial Service Center via direct deposit within 4-5 business days or by check within 5-10 business days, depending on what is noted on your finance account. International students will incur a tax withholding of 14% on the payment if they do not have a tax treaty exemption on their record.

Please feel free to contact Suzanne Roth at  should you have any questions or concerns regarding your request.

Student Type
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Please identify the amount of funding needed.
Please articulate the circumstances to why you are requesting financial assistance.
Describe how the requested funds will be used (please itemize the expenses).
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Please indicate what other emergency funds you have or intend to apply for.
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