Center for Career Development

Collage of students sitting and talking to each other.

The Center for Career Development seeks to engage, educate and empower students. Our mission is to help students define a unique career and life vision, and then connect them in multi-dimensional, personalized ways to the resources, people, organizations and opportunities that will enable them to make their visions a reality. We don’t just prepare students for jobs; we prepare them for life after graduation.

Who We Are

A student’s career development begins long before the job search process. The Center for Career Development’s focus is to empower undergraduate and graduate students to develop career management strategies, integrate their curricular and co-curricular learning with the world of work outside of Princeton, and discover opportunities for the exploration of and engagement in meaningful work.

One-on-one advising and programs are available for students of all years and interests covering career development topics including:

  • Self-assessment: Discovering values, interests, skills and strengths
  • Career Insight: Choosing a major and exploring career options
  • Planning: Creating and implementing a personalized action plan
  • Networking: Strategies to make connections at Princeton and beyond
  • Gaining Experience: Finding internships or other experiential opportunities
  • Further Education: Preparing for graduate and professional school
  • Internship and Job Options: Learning search strategies and developing a plan
  • Applications: Writing resumes, cover letters and other documents, as well as practicing interview skills

Our Impact

During the 2019-20 academic year, we:
  • Engaged with 70 percent of undergraduate students and 22 percent of graduate students
  • Conducted 5,748 career advising appointments
  • Partnered with 533 unique alumni for educational programs, networking events and as Princeternship hosts
  • Offered 539 programs and events for a total attendance of 3,689 unique students
  • Hosted 1,648 on-campus 
Post-graduation Outcomes for the Class of 2019:
  • 92.8 percent secured their post-graduation outcome within six months of graduation.72.3 percent of new graduates accepted employment and 18.4 percent pursued further education.

  • 22.4 percent were employed full-time at nonprofit organizations or in service-based roles. 

  • 21.5 percent reported that their post-graduation outcomes were informed by service or civic engagement experiences they had at Princeton. 


How We Support Students

  • Career Advising and Exploration — Advisers help students assess their skills, strengths, interests and values, and assist them in making decisions about majors, potential career paths and experiential activities. A wide range of opportunities for students to build skills, experience and an understanding of the diverse range of career paths available to them are offered throughout the year. 
  • Student-Alumni Engagement — Alumni play a critical role assisting Princeton students explore and discover potential career paths. Our engagement strategy offers students a broad range of opportunities to connect with alumni for networking, mentoring, and internship and job opportunities.
  • Employer Engagement — In addition to bringing employers to Princeton as part of the on-campus recruiting program, the Center for Career Development identifies potential partners and develops new recruiting relationships informed by students’ reported interests to expand the number of meaningful opportunities available to students.