Public Service Projects and Opportunities

Funding applications for summer study abroad, senior thesis research, internships, junior project research, independent work and undergraduate conference travel must be submitted through SAFE.

Campus Life Policy for Public Service Projects

Information about Princeton policies and funding for public service internships and break trips can be found on the Pace Center web site.

Funds for Public Service Initiatives

The Pace Center provides information about sources of funding in its handout titledPrinceton University Funding Resources for Public Service Initiatives

Pace Center

Students and groups not eligible for USG Projects Board funding are encouraged to apply to the Pace Center for financial support for projects related to public service and civic engagement. Examples of the types of activities that might fall into this category include: outreach efforts by performing arts groups; educational panels or conferences on matters of public import; training sessions for groups involved in community engagement or humanitarian fundraising; or various community service events. For more information regarding funding from the Pace Center, please click here.

International Service Break Trip Policy

Princeton does not financially support non-departmental service break trips because of concerns about responsible and effective service, risk management, and fiscal responsibility, and will not provide funding or sponsorship for students to participate in them.