Extra and Co-Curricular Activities and Events

Students and student organizations can turn to several different sources of funding for projects and events. It’s important to start with a clear idea of what your group would like to accomplish and what steps you will take to get there. Next, you should prepare a detailed budget. Follow the links below to find an appropriate source of funding. Application procedures vary from office to office; check to be sure you meet any deadlines the organization you are applying to might have established. It’s a good idea to apply as early as possible so your proposal can be given full consideration.

Funding applications for summer study abroad, senior thesis research, internships, junior project research, independent work and undergraduate conference travel must be submitted through SAFE.  Applications for funding in support of student group activities on and off campus will also be processed through SAFE.

USG Projects Board

The USG Projects Board is the branch of the Undergraduate Student Government that provides grants for student group programming. Projects Board is responsible for distributing funds from the USG, the Venture Fund, the Woodrow Wilson School Fund, the Pace Center, and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students. The Projects Board web site explains policies and procedures for applying. For more information please see a guide to using the Projects Board.

Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life aims to support vigorous and diverse religious life on campus, and to encourage dialogue, co-operation and mutual respect. The office offers limited funding to those campus organizations or individuals whose particular programs have religion or spirituality as their topic, or whose focus is ethics more generally, especially an emphasis on the intersection of social justice with religious understandings of the common good.

Pace Center

Students and groups not eligible for USG Projects Board funding are encouraged to apply to the Pace Center for financial support for projects related to public service and civic engagement. Examples of the types of activities that might fall into this category include: outreach efforts by performing arts groups; educational panels or conferences on matters of public import; training sessions for groups involved in community engagement or humanitarian fundraising; or various community service events. The Pace Center web site includes an online application form.

The Lewis Center for the Arts

The Lewis Center for the Arts reviews and considers requests from graduate and undergraduate students for funding to support arts-related publications, performances, and events.  "Arts" is defined to include Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Film, and Musical Performance. 

Sport Clubs

A complete list of existing sport clubs and club contacts can be found on the Campus Recreation web site; follow the link for Sport Clubs in the left navigation bar. The Office Information page gives contact information. The Forms page includes a Sport Club Manualwith detailed information about forming new clubs. A sport club must be a recognized, functioning team for one year before members may submit a request for funds through the Club Sport Executive Council.

Office of the Vice President for Campus Life

The Office of the Vice President for Campus Life is committed to supporting student initiated on campus events and programs which encourage diversity, demonstrate collaboration among groups and support programs that are not eligible for Projects Board or Residential College funding.

The Office of the Vice President for Campus Life is among a number of campus funders supporting student initiatives including Projects Board, Alcohol Initiative, the Residential Colleges, Office of Religious Life and the Lewis Center for the Arts.

In an effort to fairly distribute Campus Life resources, funding will be awarded based upon the following criteria:

  • A program or event that enhances diversity and interaction among groups of students
  • A program or event that enhances the student experience
  • The event is organized and sponsored collaboratively with other student groups or offices
  • Is not eligible for Projects Board or Residential College funding
  • Priority will be given to new events and programs

Please see SAFE to apply for funding.  

International Service Break Trip Policy

Princeton does not support international public service break trips because of concerns about responsible and effective service, risk management, and fiscal responsibility, and will not provide funding or sponsorship for students to participate in them.