History of the Framework


  • 2015: The Special Task Force on  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  produced a report that included  the a recommendation around  Learning About Diversity, Equity  and Inclusion Outside the  Classroom... specifically, for the  creation of a student training  "curriculum" of desired messages  and skills

  • 2016: A working group of Campus Life representatives and university partners began the process of developing a Framework for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) to focus student learning outcomes on D&I concepts
  • Summer 2018: The D&I Framework Working Group completed the development of the D&I Framework the ass?c1ated rubric, qualitative focus group questions, and survey bank questions for use
  • Summer 2018: The Diversity & Inclusion Implementation Committee was created and charged with implementing the pilot program across Campus Life 
  • Fall 2018: Pilot Groups Launched to explore the implementation of the D&I Framework in units throughout Campus Life 
  • Spring 2019: Consultations about how to use the framework began 
  • 2021: The D&I Framework Community of was Practice launched 
  • 2021+ : Consultations will continue through 2021 and beyond