May 2021 Issue

Humans of Campus Life Series

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Sarah Shouvlin, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Programming

Sarah Shouvlin

Sarah Shouvlin, Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Programming

Which identities are you most proud of? 

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Auntie, dog Mom, Leader in collegiate recreation, team Captain for the Philadelphia Freeze.

What kind of household/family did you grow up in and how did this impact your identities?

I was born in Cincinnati, OH and spent the first 21 years of my life in southwest Ohio (Springfield, Troy, and Cincinnati). I am a Midwesterner at heart, though I have lived in seven different states at this point and I now call the Mid-Atlantic home. This is usually where our answers stop, right? … The truth is that my home life was pretty complicated. During those 21 years, my parents divorced, our family navigated the complexities of my parents both suffering from alcoholism, I didn’t have the freedom to express my identities and explore my interests freely, we heavily struggled financially, my dad remarried and divorced a second time, among other challenges. Though there were difficult times, there were also good times that I still cherish and I am so grateful that my parents worked hard to support us as best they could.