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The Office of Career Services seeks to engage, educate and empower students. Our mission is to help students define a unique career and life vision, and then connect them in multi-dimensional, personalized ways to the resources, people, organizations and opportunities that will enable them to make their visions a reality. We don’t just prepare students for jobs; we prepare them for life after graduation.

Who We Are

Career Services is committed to facilitating connections with alumni, employers and graduate/professional schools, as well as collaborating with campus partners and stakeholders to provide a broad range of meaningful opportunities and experiences for students that build confidence and clarity, and ultimately begin careers.

The office assists undergraduate and graduate students with all aspects of career planning and decision-making, including self-assessment; choice of major and career field; exploration of career-related interests; pursuit of internships, fellowships and other types of employment; and application to graduate/professional school.

Our Impact

Post-graduation Outcomes for the Class of 2015: 
  • 93.5 percent achieved their post-graduation plans, 70.2 percent had accepted employment and 19 percent were pursuing further education within six months of graduation.
  • 16.6 percent reported acceptance of employment within the nonprofit and government sectors.
  • 94 percent reported having at least one work experience or internship during their time at Princeton.
During the 2014-2015 Academic Year:
  • Approximately 9,500 undergraduates, graduate students and alumni participated in Career Services programs and events.
  • Nearly 4,050 interviews were conducted on-campus by employers representing a wide range of industries and opportunities.
  • More than 600 alumni participated in events or hosted Princeternships.

What We Do

  • Exploration of Meaningful Work — The Career and Life Vision program is offered
    to all students to help them gain a greater understanding of themselves and
    find the inspiration to follow the path most consistent with their unique vision
    of a happy and meaningful life.
  • Career Counseling and Education — Career counselors help students assess
    their skills, strengths, interests, values and personality, and assist students in
    making decisions about majors, careers and experiential activities. A wide
    range of professional development workshops, industry panels/guest speakers
    and alumni networking events are also offered for students and alumni.
  • Student/Alumni Engagement — An important part of our mission is to help
    foster relationships between students and alumni, and to empower alumni to
    provide insight and guidance to current Princeton students.
  • Employer Relations and Recruiting — We are committed to sourcing a diverse
    range of full-time and internship opportunities tailored to student interests,
    and provide an online career management system allowing students to search
    and apply for a wide range of global and domestic internships, fellowships and
    full-time jobs. On-campus interviews and recruiting events such as industry
    meetups are also offered.