The work of diversity and inclusion in the Campus Life division falls to every member of the total team, with particular leadership from the deans and directors of each unit.  The successful promotion of diversity and inclusion will be included as a critical performance category in the annual evaluation of every relevant member of the Campus Life division because, at its core, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is synonymous with our interest in maintaining an environment where all members of our team can do their best work in contributing to the campus community.

A fully diverse staff is critical to the success of Campus Life.  The broader the voices and perspectives that guide policy and programming, the richer, more relevant, and more successful our work will be.  Campus Life staff work directly with the Princeton student experience and are intentional in developing and supporting student diversity. 

Campus Life employee demographics as an aggregate fairly closely reflect gender parity.  Gender parity, however, varies significantly across individual departments.  With approximately 300 employees in the division, 17% identify as minority.  

Climate and inclusion are the responsibility of Campus Life and every unit and every hiring manager.   The most personal experience that each employee has of Princeton comes from the tone of welcome and involvement that is (or is not) set by their supervisor and colleagues.  The goal of the Campus Life division is that every employee experiences the message “you belong here.”  

The plan outlines five goals towards increasing diversity and inclusion efforts:  recruitment and employment brand, managing performances and developing current employees, training and competency building, climate and inclusive culture, and the engaging of leaders and measuring progress.  The plan describes the corresponding tasks, measurements, and responsible parties for implementation and evaluation.

I.  Goals for attracting and retaining a more diverse candidate pool

  1. Campus Life units, collaborating with Human Resources, will reach out to more diverse candidate pools regarding their job openings.
  2. Campus Life will portray to its potential workforce an open and affirming Princeton, a place at which they would be comfortable and truly feel welcome.
  3. Campus Life will utilize its divisional knowledge to assist in diverse, inclusive hiring within Campus Life and, as invited, across the University.

II. Goals for managing performance and recruiting internal candidates

  1. The creation of learning opportunities that enable staff, especially those whom Princeton wants to retain, in career-expanding skills, with a focus on heightening diversity and inclusion at the University.
  2. The creation of well-defined goals in diversity and inclusion for every staff member; reinforcing the expectation that all staff contribute to diversity and inclusion.
  3. The use of Campus Life and other University colleagues as knowledgeable teachers, mentors, and guides.

III. Goals for training and competency building

  1. Unit heads and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will ensure forward movement in Campus Life on the initiatives outlined in this document.
  2. Each unit will enhance existing diversity/inclusion-related training, making use of expertise already within the Campus Life units.
  3. All staff will increase their awareness of micro-inequities.

IV. Goals for climate and inclusive culture

  1. Staff and managers will be educated about policies that promote quality of life and balance in the midst of a demanding workplace.
  2. All staff will understand themselves as persons with expertise and valuable knowledge.
  3. Units will foster community building, will challenge stagnant cultural practices and attitudes, and reinforce inclusivity.
  4. All units receive high marks on climate surveys.

V.  Goals for engaging leaders and establishing progress measurements

  1. Units and Human Resources will update their data regularly on diversity in hiring and retention, and on climate surveys.
  2. Human Resources, the Vice President for Campus Life, and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee will forward new data as available regarding on- and off-campus initiatives and figures regarding the topic.
  3. Vehicles will be created for the affirmation and recognition of individual staff who contribute to a more diverse and inclusive Princeton.
  4. Diversity and inclusion become critical categories in annual performance appraisals.

Diversity Session for all Campus Life Staff

Campus Life brought in Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington of the Washington Consulting Group, and Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute, for an educational session on creating a more inclusive campus community for all 300 members of the Campus Life staff.  Here are the slides from the educational session.

PDF iconcampus_life_diversity_educational_session_slides.pdf